Daytripper offers to a new generation the ability to quickly and easily get out and enjoy sailing, it should be as easy as a round of golf. By attractive design and efficient wing mast is Daytripper easy to sail, but also very fast and with a lavish design.  Facilitates an easy start for inexperienced,  great potential to develop sailing skills for the experienced. 

By combining an advanced wing mast with an aggressive keel, high ballast percent and a hull form with a small wet surface we have obtained an entirely new boating experience. The boat is very stable and secure, and has great speed potential. This provides the opportunity for beginners to know the "speed" and real sailing experience right from day one.

The idea is to attract new people to enjoythe  life at sea.

Daytripper driven by sail or by an electric motor for minimal environmental impact, many people who otherwise probably would have chosen a motorboat to easily get out on the lake will instead choose Daytripper with reduced environmental impact as a result. No emissions, no noise, no destructive waves.

Daytripper is a completely new design that combines the best of traditional sailing boats and speedboats with the latest design technology from the automotive industry. The result is a yacht that is modern, stylish, fast and easy to handle. Premiered in Europe in the International Boat Show  “Allt för sjön”.

 Winner of Best new product of the Year 2011.

Daytripper was also the winner of the visitor’s choice and thus took home first prize  “Best new product  of the Year 2011 “ organized by “Allt för sjön”, the largest boat show, at Stockholm International Fairs.


Selected as the best environmental choice  by Svenska Båtunionen, SBU (Swedish Yachting Association).

The Daytripper selected as the best environmental sailing boat 2011 by Swedish Yachting Association Environmental Committee.  This is the third consecutive year that the prize is awarded. The Environment Committee's choice based on how the boat-builders meet the environmental requirements that Swedish Yachting Association (SBU) has set up for environmental best boat. The committee motivation:
"Daytripper is a green sailboat, which symbolizes a new approach to design. The boat is adapted to the new trends in how boats are used and are of interest for technology exports to China. Daytripper is appealing for more experienced, as well as for beginners. Sail or motor means quiet operation with a focus on low environmental impact. A new generation of sailingboats for a new generation of people.

  • LOA: 8M
  • Width: 2,23m
  • Displacement: 1450 kg whereof bulb 590 kg
  • Draught: 1,6 m
  • Mast: 11 m
  • Mainsail 28 square meters
  • Gennaker 32 square meters
  • CE marked Category C for 6 people (max load 500 kg)
  • SRS (Swedish Rating System) 1,16
  • Electric motor 2KW (optional)