Wasa Yachts

Wasa Yachts is a fully equipped shipyard that builds new boats, sells second hand boats and undertakes service and maintenance in rigging, hulls and interior. Insurance companies also call in the yard to deal with different kind of damages. We also have plenty of space for both summer moorings and winter storage.

 Wasa Yachts is well situated just outside Stockholm and is easily reached by car or by train. By boat it is only 35 NM through the lake Mälaren.


Since the mid 70:ties Wasa Yachts has built some 500 yachts, and all except three are still sailing. On the second hand market the boats from Wasa Yachts are very popular and usually have a high trade in value.

 The designer of our boats has focused on a design with a graceful hull, good sailing performance and an easy handling. These qualities give as a result boats that are successful in racing but also gives a great experience in family sailing. Our boats are built with traditional Swedish craftsmanship and its high standards of quality.

All our boats are classed as CE/Ocean Sailers, Class A. That’s why every detail in the design and construction of our boats meets high standards for safety, maneuverability, speed and comfort.

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